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What makes us different

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What makes us different


Multi-disciplinary approach

Having Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Sports Massage under the same roof means it’s possible for us to use a multi-faceted approach to treatment. Our providers will often refer between each other for treatment they think will be most beneficial.

Appointment length

At Sports Lab it’s important to us that we spend enough time with people for them to understand their injuries and how we are going to go about rectifying them.


We feel that there’s not much point in treating the symptoms if you don’t understand the cause. To us it’s important to make sure you understand your injury and can use that knowledge to prevent reoccurrence.

Advanced technology

With our Gait-Lab full of F-Scan, Silicon Coach and Matt Scan technology we have the means to objectively analyse injury and cause, minimizing error in diagnosis.

Sporting Background

Coming from sporting backgrounds, competitive and recreational, ourselves, means that we have a unique understanding and knowledge of what it means to be an athlete. Not only does this give us expertise in the bio-mechanics of our sports but it also lends knowledge of rehabilitation, training with injury and race day preparations.

Community love

It’s important to us that the overall experience of Sports Lab is enjoyable. We like to foster good relationships with our community. Once you are a Lab-Local you’re sort of stuck with us, and we will do all we can to follow and support your achievements. 

19 Auburn Street

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