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Who do we treat?

Who do we treat

EVERYONE is welcome at the lab. We don't mind about your age or activity level, we would love to help you fulfill your potential and most importantly, be comfortable doing so!

As a specialist practice we have individual clinicians who have particular areas of expertise, including physiotherapy, podiatry and sports massage. We commonly deal with the following client groups (some of you even manage to fit yourselves into multiple categories):


Auckland marathon

Active Family


The Athlete

No matter if you like to go it alone, or are part of a team, sport comes down to how well you move. We regularly deal with athletes from a wide range of sporting backgrounds. On an average day in the lab we may see runners as well as Taekwondo and Jet Ski athletes all the way through to Rugby, Lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee players. This keeps us on our toes and we love it!

The Non-athlete

You do not need to be a serious sports person to come along to the lab. Heck you don't even need to be an athlete at all. We see plenty of people coming through the lab who are just looking for some input into improving their everyday lives.

The Lablet (Kids)

Our Lablets (as we like to call them) range from some who are just walking through to those who graduate the term. Growing up is hard work! As kids bodies grow they need to adapt and the human body does an amazing job of this but sometimes needs a little helping hand.

The Parent

You think being an athlete is hard on your body? Try being a parent! To us, this is a type of athlete. The job of being a mum or dad will have you clocking up an outstanding number of miles on your feet, not to mention lifting and carrying an ever increasing weight. Whilst we know you are a resilient group, we are here to help when needed.

The Wise Ones (Older Adults)

As our bodies age things change. This is not always in line with our minds, we often loose flexibility but we don't loose determination. Our recovery time gets a little longer but this does not mean we are any less active! If you don't see any reason for slowing down as you get older, we agree! Come to see us and we will be glad to help.

The Worker

It’s the 21st century! And we recognise that there are people in a vast range of professions. Some of us sit down all day while others work in physically demanding roles and spend long hours standing, walking and lifting. Each repeated action has its own inherent problems. As most of us work full time for 40+ years we tend to adapt to our roles. These adaptations can be both positive and negative but may be problematic.


The DIYer

NZ is full of these people - DIYers and overall outdoor enthusiasts. These may be leisure time activities but they can still be pretty taxing right. Nobody wants to be in pain whilst working around the home or getting out for a walk with friends, and you shouldn't have to be either. At the same time, it is no good for us just to say: ‘don't walk as often’. We understand your passion and will make it our mission to ensure you don't have to stop what you want to do.
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