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Made in the Lab

Made in the lab



Are you made in the Lab?

INSTAGRAM COMPETITION: Tag #madeinthelab while posting your sporting or adventuring photos and you'll go in the draw to win big prizes such as a free treatments however this changes every time we decide on the best photo. Prizes are drawn every quarter - GOOD LUCK!!

Many would agree that a laboratory is the home of science. In our minds we picture scientists (often a little eccentric or "mad") working on their projects with formulae scrawled over blackboards and textbooks stacked to the ceiling. 

At Sports Lab we firmly believe that we have the technology, skills and expertise to refine you in the lab.

And don't go thinking this a free ride,
you are as much the scientist here as the creation.

Just like the mad scientist of stories told before, we love to see our creations achieving big things out in the world. We encourage you to stay in touch. Once you have been to the Lab we consider you officially: 


Follow this section of our site to find out what we are up to, see some photos and hear from other lab locals.

19 Auburn Street

(09) 368 1552
(09) 303 1281 (FAX)

EDI: sportlab
PO Box 8583 Symonds St, 

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Monday 7.00 am – 9.00 pm
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