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Sports Lab in the media

Sports Lab has been delighted to work with a diverse range of locals since we opened in 2012. Some of you have talked about us in the media. Sports Lab is excited to get this chance so we have compiled a list of them here.

If you are one of these media types and would like to get in touch with us please send an email to and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Health

Sarah, Daisy and Nick discuss their time in the lab
Good health choices magazine
Sarah, Nick and Daisy from Good Health wrote this article about their recent experiences in the lab:

Shoes and pavement. Any time, any place and at your leisure. That’s all you need for the ultimate workout. The list of reasons to run is lengthy. It reduces stress, gives you a feel-good endorphin boost and helps with weight loss. But with the pros come the cons and a dislike for running is common among people who have suffered from injury, lack experience or are running but not noticing any physical benefits. Well, now you can dust off those running shoes and say “adios” to old excuses because a new running method promises to have you reaching your goals and shifting weight in no time.

Each had a different level of experience, from the beginner runner to the running veteran, and was looking for assistance in achieving a goal or a series of goals. Click below to read more about their experiences as they became #madeinthelab

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Rachel Grunwell - Fitness writer
Rachel Grunwell check your gait
Rachel came in for a biomechanical screening to get her gait checked. Rachel is now a keen runner and marathoner. She remains a regular lab local and GetRunning regular. 

Here she writes:

What is it?
A rehabilitation and performance clinic where experts can scientifically assess sportspeople of all levels, but particularly runners. They help prevent injuries and repair existing injuries. They have physiotherapy, podiatry and massage experts on site.

The experience:
Sports Lab helps repair injuries but it's also big on prehabilitation assessments - an ambulance at the top of the cliff that helps people learn how to run correctly and subsequently avoid injuries.

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Mindfood logo

Carolyn Enting

Carolyn Enting, associate editor of mindfood writes a regular blog about her experiences with Sports Lab and GetRunning as she builds up to the 2014 Queenstown marathon.

Follow any of the links below to find out what she has been up to!
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