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What is podiatry?

We're glad you asked.

A podiatrist is a specialist whose focus is on diagnosis, management and rehabilitation as well as prevention of concerns relating to your foot and lower limb. This can take many different forms. NZ trained Podiatrist's come exclusively from AUT with a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Podiatry.

Podiatry is a large field with involvement in a number of different client groups from athletes to the elderly and everywhere in between. To specialise within this field, for example as a sports podiatrist or diabetic specialist, there are no formal requirements. Having said this, at Auckland podiatry specialists Sports Lab we love to learn and always attempt to remain up to date with the ever changing world of podiatric biomechanics. Just like all of the team at Sports Lab we value ongoing education and upskilling. Our Auckland podiatrist is one of the only podiatrists in New Zealand who has pursued this special interest at a masters level, whilst continuing to work clinically. 



What can your Auckland podiatrist offer me?

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In-depth consultation and assessment

When you have your first appointment with a podiatrist at Sports Lab, our intention is to understand and respond to your specific concerns. We will go through a thorough history and get to know you. This will guide the course of the assessment and discussion to follow.

Podiatrist's at Sports Lab specialise in providing tailored:
  • Footwear advice and prescription
  • Custom orthotic design and fabrication
  • Gait analysis and modification
  • Assitance with returning to sport following an injury
  • Management of complex and chronic cases
If you are unsure about what services are best suited to you please contact us, or check out our packages page for further information.
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Biomechanical and running specialty

Auckland podiatrist Sports Lab offers one of the few, truly specialised podiatric services in the country. We will assess you in action and determine the role your foot plays in any concerns you have. Our principal podiatrist, Aaron, has completed his masters in biomechanics and gait analysis. 

As podiatry specialists these are the areas in which we believe we excel compared to general podiatrists:
  • The intricacies of how your foot moves in sport and how this differs to other activities
  • How the movement of your foot effects the whole body and vice versa
  • Orthotics are not the only arrow in our quiver
  • We understand athletes
You seldom move your feet in isolation so why should they be assessed that way. Our Auckland CBD podiatrists place a big focus on assessment of the whole body in movements as close to your chosen sport as we can replicate. 
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General Podiatric treatment
We may be called Sports Lab however this does not mean that we ignore those concerns which do not directly relate to sports!

We offer general podiatric care to any client in need of this treatment. This may include:
  • Removal of corns or callous
  • Ingrown nail care
  • Treatment of Verrucas
  • Blister management
  • Dry skin
  • Athletes foot


Podiatry at Sports Lab in Grafton, Auckland

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you please feel free to give us a call on (09) 368 1552

For your initial appointment you can help us by bringing along some shorts, your everyday shoes as well as any shoes that are related to the reason for you booking with us.

Our principal podiatrist at Sports Lab is Aaron Jackson. Give us a call today and find out what he can do for you.

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Meet your Podiatrist:

Aaron Jackson
19 Auburn Street

(09) 368 1552
(09) 303 1281 (FAX)

EDI: sportlab
PO Box 8583 Symonds St, 

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