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Auckland podiatry specialists Sports Lab can cater to your orthotic requirements. Our podiatrist offers both custom made casted orthotics and custom moulded orthotics for our customers, plus we provide very useful information about orthotics themselves, how they work and the effects of them on your feet. Most importantly, our Auckland orthotics specialist will tell you if we think they are the right solution for you.

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Custom Made Casted Orthotics
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Custom Moulded Orthotics
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What are Orthotics?

Orthotics, as we refer to them, are insoles made specifically for you. These should be custom made by an appropriately qualified podiatrist, and designed to enhance the motion of your foot and body. Orthotics can be made from a range of materials and are shaped to improve the way your foot moves and interacts with your body. They are an insole which you can transfer between shoes. If your shoe has an insole in it already, often the orthotic would take the place of this insole.

We all know that we should be more active right? Spend more time on our feet they say? It will be good for you they said! But what if this hurts?! Well we’re not here to revoke one of the most commonly held beliefs that we, as humans, need to be more active and spend more time on our feet. And for the record, we are all passionately active people here at the lab who encourage our clients to do the same. As we do spend more time on our feet however, the link between our bodies and the ground (anything on or underneath our feet) becomes more and more important. Some people amongst us are blessed the ability to do this all day and all year long without concern, but for others there may be merit in seeing if the way you move can be enhanced. Now this does not mean that an orthotic is essential however if you do have concerns about the way you move we would encourage you to keep reading or contact us and we can let you know if orthotics could be an option for you.
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How do they work?

Orthotics work by modifying the forces between your foot and the ground. Think of them like mediators. If your foot already has a good relationship with the ground, the mediator needs to do very little, heck you might not even need one at all. But if you do have an untimely interaction with the ground or one which is not well balanced, this mediator (orthotic) can be invaluable to ensure nothing goes awry!

It is hard to be specific about how an orthotic works because every pair is different and that’s important. Even your left and your right one generally need to be designed differently as to cater for the individual needs of your feet. The shell of an orthotic is designed to fit and work seamlessly with your foot, this should not cause any irritation or discomfort and should not get in the way of your foot or limit its motion. An orthotic is designed to enhance the motion of your foot. Our bodies are all inherently lazy (don’t try to deny it!) and if left to our subconscious action we will tend to opt for the path of least resistance. The purpose of an orthotic is to modify the path of least resistance and suggest a new path of movement to your foot, one which applies a more balanced level of stress on your body for any given action.

Will my foot become lazy?

No! Not if the orthotics are designed and used correctly. If we were to think of an orthotic like a crutch, designed to stop all the bad movements and hold your foot in place, then this suggestion may be plausible. However if the orthotic is designed to work alongside your body, this has been shown to improve the natural mechanisms of your foot which has a flow on effect even when not wearing the orthotics and after the right period of time in some cases, even once you no longer use an orthotic.

Orthotics are not a life sentence! For some reason there is the belief that when you are prescribed an orthotic, you are being banished to a life of ugly shoes and uncomfortable feet with no end in sight. This is not the case. The exact reason why you need an orthotic and the severity of the concern will dictate how long you will need to wear the orthotics for. However as orthotics are part of what we do and not the whole story, wherever possible there will be a plan in place to remove the orthotic and allow your improved foot function to show off all on its own.

**To address the earlier point about ugly shoes, we promise that here at the lab we respect your sartorial concerns and will do all we can to ensure that collection of shoes you have is not made redundant by the implementation of orthotics!
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Do I need an Orthotic?

Not everyone needs to be wearing orthotics. And not every dysfunctional foot would benefit from an orthotic.

However if bad and unhelpful forces are beyond your bodies’ current capacity to tolerate them then some help may be of benefit. Tissue has a particular capacity to tolerate stress, a certain amount of stress is essential for positive adaptation however if placed beyond this level for an extended period of time or if done repeatedly some parts may begin to let you down.

Now we know what you’re thinking, how does this happen and how can I tell?? These forces may occur if your body is changed due to injury, surgery or even pregnancy; they also could be present due to changes in activity or shoes; sometimes just getting a bit older can change the forces acting on and around your body. As discussed in the earlier section, orthotics will help to mediate and modulate these forces, producing a more positive outcome for you.
If you are not sure about the need for an orthotic, give us a call and one of our Auckland orthotics specialists can talk through this process with you.

How much do they cost and how long do they last?

Orthotics range in price and lifespan depending on the style and complexity of the design. Our Auckland orthotics specialists have two packages here for our most common 2 styles. In both cases these are customised completely to the requirements of your foot however they differ in their materials, construction and lifespan. Have a look at the packages here.

Custom moulded orthotics are designed for you by moulding a prefabricated insole and adjusting specifically to suit the needs of each your left and right feet. The material lifespan on this style of orthotic is generally around 12 – 18 months but can vary case by case.

Casted functional orthotics are made by taking a plaster (or foam) cast of your foot to accurately capture the exact shape. This process is completed by your podiatrist so that the cast can be checked and adjusted accordingly to create the most accurate representation of your foot. The materials that these orthotics are made of generally last a very long time (5+ years). This style of orthotic is able to be made significantly slimmer and lighter than many other kinds, meaning it can more seamlessly fit into slim fitting shoes. Depending on your case these may not be something that you need to wear for this long and the plan could be to stop the wear of these much sooner than 5 years. As orthotics serve a role to improve your bodies function, the aim would be for you to reach a point where you no longer need the orthotic and this can be removed. In the odd case where the full lifespan is required we would encourage reassessment at the end of this time to ensure that the orthotic design is still the most suitable for your foot.
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Why Sports Lab Orthotics?

At the lab we take great pride in prescribing orthotics with the highest level of specificity. If you do not need an orthotic, we will not give you one!

If however we think you would benefit from an orthotic, you can trust that your bodies function as a whole has been taken into consideration. Our podiatrist is qualified to a masters level in biomechanics and has an excellent knowledge of movement, the extent of which is unique to the field of podiatry.
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