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There are numerous advantages to having a multidisciplinary team and a range of services with one small downside. Where do you start? 

We won't blame you for being a little overwhelmed and possibly confused about your options, especially if you have utilised the services of Dr Google. It was well worded by Mitchell Kapor when he said "getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant"

Well our goal in this dilemma is to carefully plumb the fire hydrant to provide you with a steady and controlled flow of just the information that will be beneficial to know. We have prepared a number of packages which aim to do just this. The intention of these is to give you an idea of what services may be of benefit to get you to your goal.

Please note that all of these packages are able to be tailored to you. If something doesn't quite fit with what you want, test us. We are here to help.

General podiatry concession
incl GST
The out of towner
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Custom Made Casted Orthotics
incl GST
Tools of the Trade
incl GST
Custom Moulded Orthotics
incl GST
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